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KSM Construction Ltd. Service Areas

Basement Excavation

Every property needs a strong foundation—and the first step in creating one is the basement excavation services from KSM Construction Ltd.. Our certified and experienced basement digging contractors will handle all of the dirty work and help you carve out the perfect bottom level for your building plans.

Basement Walkouts

Thinking about expanding your property? We are trusted experts in everything to do with commercial basement walkouts. We specialize in providing forward-thinking design plans that will add value and versatility to your investment for many years to come.


Partnering with an expert in local demolition will relieve stress, save you time and money, and move your project forward so your vision can come to life. KSM Construction Ltd. are among the top recommended demolition contractors.

Driveway Excavation

Clear the way for a flawless driveway with the excavation services from KSM Construction Ltd.. Whether you are starting fresh or need to get rid of an old driveway first, you can’t go wrong with our certified service.

Earth Moving

KSM Construction Ltd. is a name you can trust for all of your heavy lifting. Our earth moving services are a great asset for any building project or situation where you need to move a lot of dirt and rock.


KSM Construction Ltd. is the name to remember when you need excavation services of any shape or size. Our certified contractors, heavy-duty equipment, and commitment to safety ensure that you are always left with flawless results.

Excavation Company

KSM Construction Ltd. is the company to contact if you need digging of any shape or size for your property. Our certified team of excavation contractors offers a wide range of services that will help you complete any project correctly and on schedule.

Excavation Contractor

From building a road to planting a garden, excavators are called on to complete dozens of unique projects. If you are seeking the assistance of a well-rounded and well-equipped excavation company, KSM Construction Ltd. wishes to offer our services.

Excavation Services

When you’re looking to hire a professional excavation company, KSM Construction Ltd. is the name to know. For years we’ve been providing a range of high-quality excavation services using nothing but the industry’s most trusted tools and techniques.

Residential Excavation Contractor

Whether you are looking to build an in-ground pool, install utilities, widen your driveway, or do extensive landscaping, there are many reasons why you may wish to hire an excavation company to service your residential property.

Septic Tanks

We live, breathe, eat, and sleep innovations for today’s best commercial septic tanks. If your septic tank is causing problems, we are the trusted local septic installers near you. Our focused team is licensed, insured, and hand-selected for the job you have entrusted us with.

Sewers Underground Utilities

Making sure sewers/underground utilities are installed professionally means a stress-free experience for you, and forward-thinking building plans that meet and exceed municipal safety and building codes.

Site Preparation Services

Site preparation is necessary at the onset of any building project. If you are in the market for site preparation, you need to hire a professional excavation team—that’s where we come in.

Trenching Services

While often overlooked, trenches play a crucial role in many construction projects. Trenches are most commonly used to store pipes and utilities underground that will be used to power the household or business on the property. Digging trenches is not as easy as it’s cracked up to be, and hiring a professional team is always a smart idea.

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