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Water/Sanitary/Storm Installation and Repair

KSM Construction Ltd. is renowned for perfect pipe installation and long-lasting repairs. We are a family-owned water, sanitary, and storm installation and repair company. We have years of experience supporting residents, builders, and commercial properties with underground water line installations, high-quality repair work, and so much more.

Our state-of-the-art equipment and licensed and insured technicians ensure each trench is made to the exact specifications required for the success of your project. In addition to this, we are well versed in our local building and safety regulations.

We work with the extreme precision that can only be gained over many years of proven experience. Call (780) 723-9224 to book a consultation with our experts.

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Installing Water Lines: Is Permitting Required?

Installing water lines is not as simple as picking a spot and starting to dig. First, we must mark all of the known utility lines that run underground. In some cases, permits may be required before work can begin. Consulting with our seasoned crew will give us a chance to explain the process as well as permit and safety requirements in greater detail. Feel free to reach out to us to book a consultation at your convenience.

Main Water Line Installation and Repair

Our precision trenching techniques allow us to work quickly and with steady precision. Whether we are performing a main water line installation or a problem that requires repair, we're the perfect fit for the job. Our attention to detail and commitment to providing long-lasting solutions that save you time and expense are just two things that make us the ideal candidates for the job.

We'd like the opportunity to look over the details of your project in greater detail. Book an appointment to consult with us with no pressure or obligation involved.

Storm Drainpipe Installation: We Make it Quick and Easy

Understanding the complexities of stormwater management allows us to deliver superior storm drainpipe installation solutions that move your repair or construction project forward. Our licensed and fully insured innovators work quickly to prepare the earth to receive new piping, and in cases of repair, we peel back the earth after we've located the problem to complete speedy repair work.

Leave the digging to our seasoned excavators. We're the local experts with years of industry expertise and training under our belts.

Phone us to learn more about our storm pipe installation and repair services.

Professional Sanitary Installation

Gain peace of mind when you work with a pro sanitary installation contractor that has mastered the skills needed to put wastewater infrastructure into place properly the first time. You won't have to worry about weak flow and frequent back-ups—Our work is guaranteed. Connect with us by phone or email to book an appointment to sit down to consult with our experts.

Sewer Line Contractors

KSM Construction Ltd. employs expert sewer line contractors who have come to be known as some of the region's best. We go the extra mile to ensure your specifications are met and help you solve challenges so you can finish your project on time.

Get started today by dialing (780) 723-9224 to request a free quote.

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Book an appointment with us today. We want to see your site, hear more about your goals, and contribute to making your dreams a reality. Our basement walkouts are second to none, call now to see for yourself.

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